Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallows

Captain (and Mrs) Depper made it over for pumpkin soup and apple bobbing this evening. A few candles, a selection of childhood sweeties, an open fire and a mash-up of cheesy spooky tunes made for a surprisingly convivial evening.

A noticeable 'time-stamp' like Halloween got me thinking. I can't believe the weather is so mild. Leaves are only just thinking about dropping and flowers are still in (2nd) bloom. We'd normally be moving Andromeda to Winter moorings tomorrow (on the 1st of November) and the weather would be battering it down and the river would be in full flood and I'd be babbing myself chugging past Thrumpton Weir.

We've so shafted this planet. Every year the seasons seem to shift again, which is more and more noticeable as the years pass by. Get ready for the big wave. I'm glad we live so far above sea level.

Anyway, "Happy Halloween, ladies".
Enjoy your Sabbat all you blessed wanna-bes. A toast to Samhain and the dead.

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