Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Commuter Rant

I could swing for someone right now.

Not only was it drizzling on the way home but I got a soddin' 4" concrete screw in my back tyre. Then some deaf dumb arse pedestrian steps off the pavement right into me and pushes me out into the middle of the road. Then, on the back roads, some berk in a people carrier pushes me into a hedge at 20mph cos he can't be bothered to slow down to let some other bloke past and I get another soddin' puncture! Did he stop? Did he shite.

Finally, I get home an hour late (having got into work an hour early so I could get home an hour early) to find my stupid dumb toothless feline gumming a mouse around the lounge.

I picked up a camera from BBC Derby today (they want me to do a 'where are they now' thing for the Video Nation stuff I did a few years ago on Andromeda) so I'm off for a rant!

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