Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't Forget

This coming weekend, GameCity, in HoodTown...

...and fifteen shops and cafes across Nottingham will be acting as a 'heritage tour of arcade game history' and will each be home to a different arcade classic.

Confirmed so far are:
  • Virgin - Wheeler Gate
  • HMV - Victoria Centre
  • Lee Rosy’s Tea Room - Broad Street
  • Exchange Arcade - Old Market Square
  • Limbo - Heathcoat Street
  • Prohibition - High Pavement
  • Social - Hockley
  • Broadway - Broad Street
  • Wild Clothing - Heathcoate St
  • Topman - Victoria Centre
  • John Lewis - Victoria Centre
  • G-Star - Victoria Street

If there's a 'Return of the Jedi', that high score is mine.

...and, while we're remembering things...

Go on, make yourself useful on the 14th of November. Help celebrate usability around the globe, on World Usability Day.

Stick some posters up. Get people talking. Get 'em asking about Web Standards. Improve practices. Recruit an army of Welsh longbow men and take Paris. Establish a New World Order.

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