Thursday, October 19, 2006

New IE

I see the new IE is out today. I hear it's a bag of knackers. Lot of people swearing around the office. Apparently, Yahoo! and Google toolbars vanish for a start (cheers Bill, don't burden us with the responsibility of choice or anything will ya'). It's got all the corners rounded off so we can't cut ourselves. Rumours of security issues abound.

Personally, I'll wait 'till they iron some bugs and stick with my Firefox (but I guess I'll need a copy for testing and, in true Microsoft stylee, it'll be a 'critical update' anyway). Whatever happend to free will?

Anyroad, there's always the pre-release Firefox 2 to be playing with.

Oh, speaking of which, this years 'Best Use of a URL Award' so far goes to Go on, give it a click :-)

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