Friday, November 10, 2006

Jazz. Nice!

I've taken to dressing sharply and hanging out in bars playing ragtime and jazz. A bit more role-play orientated and seems to suit being 4' 4" and blue. Kinda 'Woody Allen meets cattle mutilation'.

I'm developing quite a collection of cocktails and acquaintances. People are generally friendly and supportive to this asexual newbie ET. I can see how the social side of this would get marginally addictive. There really are no boundaries because, quite frankly, that leggy brunette you're tangoing with could be a sheet metal welder from Runcorn called Steve. People say 'hi' now when I go on line and quite a few folks from work etc. are giving it a go too.

I have a date to 'go dancing' over the weekend with a lass who has become my self appointed 'personal shopper'...

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