Friday, November 03, 2006

My Other Life

I am about to enter Second Life.

Social networking is hot for us right now, and a Snow Crash metaverse style 3-D virtual world (totally built and owned by the residents) sounds too cool not to try. Right now, it's home to 1,288,782 virtual 'people' from around the world. Surely they're not all
geeky art fag yiffy pervs?

There will be no blogging for a bit, sporadic at best, but I will report back with my findings. I will post a daily picture to keep you updated.

American Apparel
was the first "real world" company to open a store in SL. The launch of their latest shop has created a viral buzz that spread to Forbes, Business Week, etc. Naturally, that viral buzz bolstered sal√ęs for their on-line and off-line clothing.

A number of other real-world brands are in there too. Intel, Nissan, Reuters, Sony BMG, Adidas, Sun MicrosystemsCNET, and Wired. Major marketers, advertising agencies, and news outfits are all starting to take part in Second Life.

Reuters was the first news bureau to set up shop in Second Life, and there are a number of other news outlets and websites that are reporting on the daily events on 'the grid':

A gob smacking $500,000 dollars (i jest you not) is spent on 'the grid' every day. This is real money, not just the Linden dollar (the SL currency) and a few hundred peeps are actually making a full-time living on Second Life.

With these kind of numbers, this is a platform that businesses should be looking at as a potential marketing opportunity. Mechinima opportunities aside, for me SL is an interesting way for businesses to reach consumers, test marketing strategies, release new product ideas with relatively little investment and
examine social networking.

Wish me luck. Here we go. We come in peace...

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