Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SciBAr Derby

Derby SciBAr, a kinda public discussion forum thingy that'll be looking at "the implications of science and technology in everyday life", is launching from 6pm on the 30th.

Topical scientific issues are up for debate over a pint and a bag of plain crisps at the Five Lamps, in Duffield Road. It's gonna be on the last Monday of every month, from 6pm to 7.40pm, and the first three sessions will discuss the oh-so topical 'climate change'. It's also got a live webcast so you don't have to interact with anyone or leave the comfort of the spare room.

Might be interesting.

Oh, and speaking of climate change. We had another site go beta early on this week. All the best to Steve and Adele on Big Green Switch. Looks like I'll be doing some video and stuff for them after the BBC thing last year.

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