Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy One

Well that was a busy weekend.

Friday night, Cornelia's rez day party (one of the nicest dos I think I've ever been to in SL) with a 'toy box' theme and Disney favourites 'till 5.30 am.

Saturday, Phil and Juno's wedding. Hardies came over in the evening (Alfonso and Fuschia) then franticly recording a shoot out through the streets of Caledon for Relay for Life (we SO need some direction next time). Oh, and
Who (which was only marginally better than last weeks unspeakable wank and I needed a bottle of red to see me through).

Sunday, a jet legged ginger arse with no volume control descended on me at 7am.
He did bring Hawaiian shirts and Tiki paraphernalia though, so I'll let him off. We gardened like mugs, putting in new stepped beds for Jems herb garden, basicly 'till we couldn't walk (needs finishing next weekend).

Katat0nik had a display on (I'm a big fan of her stuff) with a couple of other Caledon artists. I went with Miss Baxter (who popped into Mayfair to say hello) and Terry. It's sad I can only afford to buy art in SL these days. Then I crawled to bed.

Monday, dads 60th birthday. Trolled down to Lancashire with a picnic lunch and a lot of whisky. Trolled back. Tried to look through the footage I captured from the Caledon scrap but there's 22gb of it (most of it wobbly headed, badly rezzed cock and missing textures) and I'm dead to the world. Wrote some blog posts to make up for it and went to bed early.

Woke up far too early this morning, couldn't sleep.

My body clock is shafted again, and another day of editing
'Green Awareness' videos ahead.

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