Monday, May 14, 2007

Maxim are on Heroine

I was sent a link by, well, someone who has been suitable berated, to the Maxim Top 15 Hottest Women in Comics. It's seriously weapons-grade dreadful. People actually read this shit?

Where is CatWomen? Where's Judge Hershey (okay that may be a bit specialist)? Where's Psylocke, Blink, Elecktra, Danger Girl, Tank Girl (hmm, maybe not exactly hot in the true sense of 'hot', but I bet she's a demon in the sac), Black Widow, Phoenix, even Tomb Raider herself, I mean seriously...

...this is poorly observed rubbish clearly researched primarily on Google and written to get the Maxim site digged up. Wonder Woman as number one? I ask ya. Very very sad indeed.

I may be ranting sometime...

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