Friday, May 18, 2007

Us, and You & Yesterday

Had the opening do for You & Yesterday this afternoon.

That's Adele (all 60s), Naomi (50's), me (Victorian) and Sian (70's), Emma (Victorian), Claire (WW2) and Mandip (god knows) - L to R. Elaine was taking the photo. We dressed up and welcomed some famous local faces and generally posed for the press and extolled the virtues of local history.

You & Yesterday is a big new local history wiki that lets you record & share your memories of past events, people & places in Derbyshire (but rolling out nationally soon, pending trial) by uploading your photos, stories, comments and video. It's got a shed load of potential.

Geriatric1927 (local chap Peter Oakley) came along to wish us well, and even though we had other famous faces and the mayor (who's a marvellous character himself) he was a big draw with us. I sat down and had a chat with him for a bit, and what a nice chap. I'm not prone to the hyperbole of YouTube and the like, but he was a true gentleman.

I recorded a load of footage and I'll be editing it early next week. Will post something here :-)

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