Friday, June 29, 2007

Belper Against Tesco Superstore

This just goes to show the local feeling, or some off the local feeling anyway, about the proposed Tesco Superstore in our local village of Belper. It was made by a couple of junior filmmakers from Belper School, Edward and Lucy Stephenson and shows the developments potential effect on the town.

Belper doesn't need a Tescos. Most of the less apathetic people in Belper don't want a Tescos in our town. Dex wrote about this a while ago, and I can't honestly add much to his splendid commentary so the facts and figures are best reference there.

There's a lot of documented worry about the tactics of Tescos.
Tesco now controls 30% of the grocery market in the UK. In 2007, the supermarket chain announced over £2.5 billion in profits. Growing evidence indicates that Tesco's success is partly based on trading practices that are having serious consequences for suppliers, farmers and workers worldwide, local shops and the environment. This part of the country is beautiful. I'd like it to stay that way and for commerce to stay in a village setting as the small retail outlets and moderate local supermarkets we have already. We have Morrison's, it has a pie counter, why would we possibly need owt else?

Please, if you do have an interest in stopping this retail giant stomping rough shod all over our
World Heritage Site, then do visit the good folks at Belper Against Tesco Superstore and register your concerns.

In small way, by posting this, it's eased my moral conscience. I can now afford to be flippant at the end and leave you with this Time Trumpet classic:

For further reading, see the pdf briefing "If Tesco really Wants to be Green" by Friends of the Earth, and this press release on the environment fund and waste.

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