Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cold Turkey

Big ass lightning storm here, and now my connection is goobered. The power cut during Doctor Who last night was the nail in the coffin.

This has me wondering (at the synconicity of Oolon regenerating then him being unable to move from the sofa in the TARDIS if nowt else) if there is such a thing as metaverse withdrawal? Is this the tell tale beginning signs of metaverse addiction? Possibly. That said, I read a survey not long ago stating that one of the most stressful thing sited by people in modern business was the inability to access ones email, and this could well be the same thing. An avenue of communication and interaction severed?

I have no phone engineer 'till Thursday afternoon and this has given me an odd hollow sensation.

My SL buddies have rallied round and are sitting chatting with me sacrificing their own SL time to keep yours truly from 'feeling down'. There is a genuine sense of concern for their fallen comrade. Friends are still friends, even when virtual. I like that, but I don't half feel a bit of a albatross. Funny how I can't remember what I used to do, and with The Mrs being away in France there's no release or common sense there.

In all sincerity, television is incredibly passive now. Blogging is so very 2006. My attention span, hampster-like as it is, can do no more that 1/2 an hour of Facebook. YouTube holds no surprises any more. My Flikr login is sending me round in circles and being a twot. I spend my work day trolling tech-based RSS now, so that just work really. I'll have to sink into Wikipedia I guess.

Notice how gardening, exercise, or RL constructive and productives were not an option.
Looks like I'm cold Turkey for a while.

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