Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photosynth on Test at BBC

Live Labs have been working with the BBC on a time limited technical trial of Photosynth to support the new 'How We Built Britain' series.

My good SL friend Virrginina will like this, as viewers will be able to check out 'synths' of the likes of the Royal Crescent (in Bath), Ely Cathedral, Burghley House, Trafalgar Square, the Scottish Parliament Buildings, and (my face) the Blackpool Tower Ballroom at

Now, lets just add a metaverse backbone to this, some Mok3 style, maybe a bit of EveryScape, then add Google Earth, chuck it on a table in 'Microsoft Surface' , add some Skype elements and optional streaming facial recognition elements (for web cam to AV emotion stuff) and combine with projects like RomeReborn etc.

Then I can die a happy chap ;-)

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