Saturday, June 30, 2007

SecondFest - First Impressions

I was at DJ Jenns (and top one by the way fella) set with Kiralette as the sun went down on Intel1. I made a point of heading over to SecondFest early, before I got too blown away by the obligatory AM IM storm, pressured into RL stuff, and the good lady got out of bed.

There's a lot of cool interactive stuff to do as well as the music and movies, and I'll be back over the weekend (off to RL Ikea now to look for more media storage solutions). A lot needs groups of folks to activate, which works nicely for the social side of things, and there seems loads to poke around at and investigate further. The freebies are a bit half arsed, but it's not targeted at folks who can build lets be honest.

It was a bit quiet, it was early and there's just not that many of us UK residents I guess. Oddly, it had that early morning fest feeling to it when I was there (except for the obligatory pill come-down, the quests for doughnuts and the baggy eyed hong-over). Odd icons like locked up camera trucks and a single half naked bloke still dancing in the dance tent. I'll try and get back later for 'Coldcut' at least.

Go, it's got potential for shits-and-gigggles and it's crawling in Brits with being marketed at the Guardian GMT crowd. There's a full what's on listing HERE.

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