Sunday, July 01, 2007


Headed back to SecondFest after Who (which was psudo-religious shite) for 'ColdCut' (the top drawer dance music duo of Matt Black and Jonathan More, probably best known for "Doctorin The House").

'Coldcut' would have been awesome, I've seen em' live in RL before, if my 'First Look Voice Beta' hadn't crapped out out 10 minutes in and if they had actually been live. I then tried standard SL and still no dice and no video. The lag was shafting me up the Gary Glitter anyway. Arse biscuits.

I made the best of it, put some on iTunes, and carried on dancing in a nice safe lag free movement loop while everyone gave the insane old bloke with the stick some space. To be honest, it was bit lame just looking at obviously recorded footage anyway, it was like we were all pretending and not saying anything. Like having some unspoken group suspension of disbelief. Looks like 'Intel1' is the only live sim there.

I'm gonna give it up. Other stuff to do and SecondFest somehow has the air of being 'not quite ready' yet.

My post yesterday was obviously coloured by a good set from Jenns and that early morning 'atmosphere'. Nice idea and some pretty nice interactive social bits. Some good live sets (like Jenns) and imaginative flavoursome architecture, but mainly streamed videos of live performances and machinima available off YouTube. A few lame newbie-style freebies (why in gods name would I want a glass of orange juice, some roller boots, and a slice of melon with a script error) do not a festival make.

Nice try folks, but it's not sold the SL festival experience for me. You go to a festival to see LIVE BANDS. Duh! Just cos this is SL and we're sat on our arses at home, doesn't mean we expect less. We stayed in for this. I could be at the garden centre or out at the gym pretending I have a real life. We're no less of an audience and far less disposable than you're giving us credit for (and actually probably more sceptical). Maybe I'm just bitter cos I didn't bump pixels with some patchouli smelling hippy chick in the back of a camper van, but I doubt it. This just feels like a half arsed marketing stunt to sell a Guardian SL colour supplement. I must confess, I'm also slightly disappointed nobody tried to sell me drugs.

Ah well, maybe next year, but I'm not paying for it and it better be live. I'll nick over the fence or get one of them hooky UV stamp things in the queue. Sorry Guardian, I was looking forward to that, and it was all a bit bollocks...

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