Thursday, July 12, 2007

Help With an Urban Myth?

There's an Urban Legend (and I do love my Urban Legends) that goes thus:

You can put lifts (or 'elevators' for you colonials) into 'express mode' by holding in the "Door Close" button in combination with your desired floor number. Then voom, it's Charlie Bucket all the way to your floor without stopping.

I heard this a while ago and need help working out if it's true. Is this fact or fiction?

I was told this works with Otis elevators (and allegedly some other lifts too, but just Otis in the UK). Testing would require one person to operate an lift (elevator) and a second to attempt to interrupt the elevator (lift) from another floor. Alas our lift here only go up a floor so it's a bit of a non starter.

If anyone can try this I'd be really grateful. Give it a go and let me know? You don't have to worry about the scruples but probably best not do it in a hospital - this is purely for research purposes.


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