Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Knob Jockey at 15

The Media Guardian has ignored my recent post on Doctor Who's executive producer Russell T Davies, well I don't suppose you can shoot the messenger, and today reported he's the "15th most powerful player in UK TV". Davies, the jiz moppin' cock knocker, was placed 28th last year and is apparently described as "the person who made family TV drama cool again" with his award-winning reinvention of Doctor Who and who put BBC1 back on top in the Saturday night ratings war. I would describe him differently, but there you go, no one listens to me.

The good Doc himself, David Tennant, is 24th and quoted as "the most powerful actor in television". The Media Guardian says the definition of a star is "someone who can get a project off the ground simply by agreeing to be in it". Tennant, bless him, can.

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