Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex, Lies, & Videotape...

YouTube, if you've not had a good browse, is a cracking source of Photoshop and other 'on-screen' tutorials. While looking for stuff on the Liquefy Tool I found this.

Okay, I worked as a camera assist in the glamour industry for a while, way back-in-the-day.

To start off with, the right angle can make even the likes of Posh Spices pathetic skinny arse look like a decent rounded piece of meat. There's stage make-up and plastic surgery, obviously, then nowdays the computer comes in to do it's magic. While extreme, and no 'Dove advert', this clip just shows how fake what we see really is. The camera does lie, and so many poor buggas out there aspire to be this retouched and unachievable image.

Us guys, especially, think the models are for real, and is it any wonder that young girls starve themselves and cry them selves to sleep because they'll never look like 'the girls in the magazines'? By the same token, I can't condemn the industry for doing this (just the way it's viewed). We'd touch up a shot of a plate of carrots for advertising purposes and in may ways it's just the same thing though to a fairly startling degree. It's a bit more usable than gouache and a scalpel blade..

Me, I like a cute girl with 'a bit of back'. Give me curves. Just for the record ;-)

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