Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Manchester Yomp

Pig and I went into Manchester today to do a bit of urban trekking, camera in hand. Getting into the back streets and having a good poke about. Found the Richard Goodall Gallery and could have spent an absolute fortune.

Around mid day we came across Urbis, which was topical (and surprisingly good) and took a a step back to the halcyon days of the the Hacienda (which made me feel a bit old, but the music was good). Then had Dim Sum in the Yang Sing and decided to pop over to the Museum of Science and Industry to stare at steam engines.

Pleasant surprise (but not for Pig) was the Dr. Who Up-Close exhibition where you can get in amongst actual props, costumes and monsters from the series, including the stunning armature of the 4-metre long Empress of Racnoss from the Christmas Special. While not an impressive 'monster' in the series, the eight-foot tall Slitheen was an impressive body-suit and it was really nice to see the new K9. The light was a bit crap for photos, but we did our best. We then had a good mooch round the aero museum and the steam halls, plenty to see.

Paused at Yo-Sushi to pick up tea, than back to his. Feeling a bit rough this evening (might have a bit of food poisoning, which is odd when Pig has eaten everything I have today and he seems fine).

Got to give a bride away at an SL wedding tomorrow and it's the Harvest Festival Maritime Events (pop down, bring a boat, should be chaos) so gotta get on the road early.

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