Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Terraforming Wellsian

Caledon is one of my favourite haunts on the grid. His knibs has got a couple of properties there. The studios in Mayfair and The Salty Mermaid (the navy pub) at Kittiwickshire hub. Also, and cheers again Guv, I've rez points for the ETC in most of the older sims. Most of my grid-mates are here and the bulk of my social and role-playing goes on on the oceans and in the parlours of this truly amazing group of excellent people. Now brace for Martian War Machines...

When Guvnah Shang gave a shout out to group the other day I just couldn't resist nipping over to the new sim of Wellsian to watch him apply the RAW file. Always biblical, and I wasn't disappointed.

This is now sim 31 of this epic Victorian masterpiece. A year ago, when I was first poking my nose around and digging up Cavorite with Terry on the moors, it was only 7 or 8. Dez has been busy. We now have connecting ocean sim a navy can be proud of, a public transport system that could teach the Labour Government a thing or two, a heaving artistic community, and a vibrant social scene led by our very own landed gentry.

Naturally, at the RAW upload, there was a bit too much lag for Machinima, but I had to give it go at the last minute. Tsk, not even time to remove the HUD ornaments.

Keep it up Guvanah. It's never boring ;-)

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