Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Weeny bit Pretencious

Am I jealous? Yeah, a bit.

I saw this back in April and didn't think anything of it other than the usual 'student bollocks'. Some follks raved. It chilled me to the bone. Just goes to show what I know :-)

Okay, nicely produced, but one would expect no less from the likes of a photographer, filmmaker, and rounded multimedia person like Mr.
Doug Gayeton. Give me an AB comedy short, not quite so firmly up it's own Gary Glitter, any day.

Still, HBO like it. Apparently, they have snapped up the North American TV rights and are funding the marketing drive towards an Oscar in the Animated Short Subject category.

I mean, good luck to him, machinima needs a voice, it's not entirely surprising that the wordy art house comes floating to the surface. Again.

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