Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lilly In?

Will 21 year old Hammersmith girl Lily Allen (very southern, but cute) be joining the cast of Doctor Who?

The Sun says (it's always the Sun, god bless the delivery power of RSS) there are talks for Lily to join the show as Doctor Who's next assistant, after Catherine Tate etc., for the next full season. Serious improvement if it's true (apart from the fact Miss Allen is a serious (all be it another cockney) sweetie, obviously). Our childhood TimeLord is so trendy nowadays, nothing surprises me anymore.

They quote a show source as saying: "Lily is multi-talented. She comes from mor
e of a TV background than a musical one.

"After the chat show we hope she'll take over from Catherine as Doctor Who's assistant.

"We've talked to her and she was excited by the idea."

Rumors say The Tennant may not be returning, and the source also told the paper: "John Simm and Rhys Ifans (my money is on the latter, but I'd prefer the former) have been linked with the job. Lily would make a very cool couple with either of them." Aye, that she would.

I'm not exactly negative to this as a concept. The Piper had that same popstress background and she proved herself perfect for the job, plus The Minogue is turning up at Christmas to help pave the way with her antipodean pint sized 'one for the dads' eye-candy. Potential for a cutie and getting rid of The Tate is always good Who news.


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