Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Piper Plays a Familier Tune

Billie is back, says the BEEB, as Rose in three episodes of our favorite (well, long-term favorite) sci-fi drama.

Thank god. It's gonna be an unwholly mess of mis-matched crap assistants (plus Billy) but at least she can act (and will probably just show Tate, Argyle, and even the rodentine Tennant, up really badly) - news just broke on the official site. As Daz just said, "I hope she kills Donna" :-)

Regardless, Sontarans next season (insert "probic vent" gag here), my number one Who villain. Nice new battle armor gents, and a diminutive Young One as leader (odd choice, but might work). Hopefully some shots of mass clone battles and them kicking 7 bells out of the Rutan armys. What, I can dream can't I? :-)

Plus, as I've whittered on about before, Kyle (heart of the TARDIS, mark my words) on Christmas day.

Enough, better do some work and go get a haircut...

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