Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Return of The Jenns

Our man DJ Jenns is back from Italy!

So, Friday night at 9 GMT (1 SLT) get ya AV to Tribute Island [SLURL] for his usual
wide mixture of dance an' trance. Yeah, I know, it's not officially a tribute event but as it happens I need some pics for the marketing anyway ;-)

Being a Shoutcast engineer, our much missed Scottish reprobate has performed at SL clubs from Republik to Euphoria, Club Kryptonite to Together Systems, The Clock Tower to last years SecondFest including a gob-smackin' 24hr gig to which Carricre, Firiel and I built the last of Tribute. If you've not heard him, you should, and trust me I'm not easily impressed. If you like a bit of funky house and some glitchy techno, mixed on-the-hoof with a keen ear and wide catalogue, he's ya man.

Lets have a good showing. SL's been far too quiet while he's been away.

Good to have you back matey ;-)

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