Friday, February 22, 2008

Daily Telegraph Today

Huh. Tribute Island [SLURL] (that labour of love I call 'work') is in today's Daily Telegraph (which isn't even one of our papers I gotta add) and in the 'news' section too. Nice. In the online version they included a link to Oolons video too, though they did wildly misquote me...

...we do get servicemen/women in the sim, a fair few actually, there's even a couple here now while the 'Tribute to the Troops' part is on (1-4SLT, if ya quick) but "wandering through the graves looking for fallen comrades" is a bit hammy even for yours truly.

Still, anything that raises awareness is good. Gift horses in the gob and all that :-)

Check it here if you didn't follow the links above, and Digg-it-up if ya so inclined. Also got an article on today, which seems to be churning some interesting debate and pumping up the YouTube visits.

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