Saturday, February 23, 2008

SL on 3G

I keep getting asked if this is true, and yes it apparently is (and not just the Comverse thing from last year), so I'm posting some info on it while I got some time. Get ready to loose your 1st life totally.

Vollee announced on the 18th that it's bringing SL to the 3G mobile (which the soddin' iPhone isn't, don't make me rez my soap box). Basicly, the PC game streaming co. will be mapping keys on your phone to execute commands in SL. So I guess this means you could sit in a coffee shop, chat with an 30ft steampunk automaton and dance at the Caledon 2nd Anniversary Ball all at the same time. Actually useful for business for me. Help me Jesus.

From the Vollee press release: "What we have developed is a service which, for the first time, allows you to access a rich persistent virtual 3D world the way it is supposed to be experienced on your phone," said Martin Dunsby, CEO, Vollee. "This is a true ‘before and after moment' in which mobile is living up to its potential in serving as an always on, connected platform."

Beta trials begin in May 2008, but you can pre-register at Vollee's website.

Thank god I don't have 3G, the wife would divorce me.

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