Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time off for Good Behaviour

As part of our latest campaign on the BGS green living site (the RL version of our SL project and freebie emporium [SLURL]) we're encouraging people to think of the forthcoming leap day on 29th February as not "just another day" but as an extra day in your life and to pledge to put an hour or two aside on the day to do something green which will help to reduce carbon emissions.

To support the initiative on the site and give all AND Derby staff the opportunity to get involved with the campaign, our bosses have said anyone in the office who wishes to take part can finish work two hours early on Friday 29th February to do so. Now that's putting ya money where ya mouth is, especcially as we're so busy right now.

The early finish on the day comes on the condition (and fair doos) that you use the time to do a suitable and approved green activity AND capture ourselves doing it in a photograph (for laughs).

Personally, I'd like to encourage you blog reading folks to do this too (I do like my green stuff) and, as initial ideas, you might choose to use those two hours to:

  • Install low-energy light bulbs in your home
    (saves a bomb, trust me)
  • Plant a tree
    (for hugging at a later date)
  • Draught-proof any breezy windows, doors or your letterbox
  • Cancel your junk mail via the Mail Preference Service
    (that'll show em')
  • Switch your bank account or utility bills to online/paperless statements
    (less crap on the mat)
  • Foil-back your radiators
    (with fresh, not recycled it makes the lounge smell like bacon)
  • Start a compost heap in your garden
    (harvest the black gold, get exciteb by worms)
  • Spread your existing compost out in your garden
    (tempting to do this one myself)
  • Switch your energy supply to a green energy option
    (BGS has a cheap thingy for it)
  • Look into getting cavity wall stuff installed
    (bit nerdy sounding I admit)
  • Inquire about getting loft insulation
    (as above, geeky but worth it)
  • Defrost your freezer
    (actually, I could do with doing that)
  • Get recycling bins organized in your home to help you sort your waste more easily
    (one for this, one for than, one upstairs for the other)
  • Give your car a service and check your tyre pressure
  • Install a water-hippo or other water displacement device
    (stick a brick in the bog)
  • Digging out and fixing up your bicycle ready for use
    (present and correct, sah!)
  • Plant up your own veg in your garden
    (or seeds in trays this time of year)
  • Have a spring-clean at home using natural cleaning products
    (vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, elbow grease)
  • Have a clear-out and take unwanted items to the charity shop
    (or stick em on eBay or Freecycle
I'm not sure what I'll do yet, but I'll dutifully Twitxr pics as I do so :-) For more ideas and inspiration of others things you might wanna do on the day, try the Big Green Switch website!

Can't help but think I'm lucky with what I do sometimes, some folks have well shit jobs. Not me.

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