Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer's Here

Time to get away from the desktop and get some fresh air (save for SL time, naturally). Hell, even his knibs might get a change of clothes for the sunny months. So, the blogs gonna be the feed from Twitter, pics from the iPhone, with the occasional YouTube and not much text.

I'm fairly sure I'll get back to the blog again come Winter, but life's too short and blogging is all a bit '2004' these days.

I'm sure all feelings of listening to techno in a field, standing on top of a mountain in Spain, cycling into a blind motorist, watching a shit episode of Dr. Who, etc., can be summed up in an image and a title and I'll be changing the blog header accordingly to reflect the relaxed Summer format. Will try to post pics from SL too.

If you wanna keep up on projects you can check out green/eco work and memorials/tributes at those links and flagrant spamdexing (new blogs for each I'll be writing for at work). Any SL events I'll try to post, but most likely they'll go elsewhere. See ya come the cold weather.


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