Saturday, August 02, 2008

Everyone Down the Cardiff Massive?

A bit of fun tonight, 8 GMT onwards in SL at The Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff [SLURL]. Head on over to the Who Bar for what promises to be a highly amusing 'best in sci-fi' do with prizes (Big Finish Audio CDs, over L$10k in cash, SL av's, props and more) plus tom-foolery, and yours truly (well, his knibs) DJing from 8 till 10.

Probably best not taken too seriously, this gravity-well for geekdom is home to some of the nicest, geekiest, friendliest, borderline grifers on the grid. Some truly impressive builders, seasoned fans, and bristling with all things Whoovian.

An interesting 'night out' if one is perhaps researching their doctorate on Asperger's syndrome or obsessive compulsive disorders, and without the dangers of a real Saturday night out in Cardiff or of waking up in Bute Park with your face in a munta/kebab.

Come and check it out, it promises to be an education.

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