Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mid Season Special

Okay, this is totally selfish. When Cylindrian Rutabaga played her tribute to Eva Cassidy at Tribute Island last time we loved it SO much we asked her back for a mid season special right away :-)

Cylindrian Rutabaga, professional RL/SL performer and recording artist Grace Buford, will once again be singing and playing her beutiful cafe sound for an hour in homage to one of her heroes, the vocalist & 'songbird' Eva Cassidy. This Friday, 1PM SLT.

This is an extra to our ongoing Tribute Island LIVE music events, sponsored by the good folks at Lasting Tribute, in association with Prim Perfect Magazine and Radio Riel.

This promises to be another very special evening, and most chilling. Cyn has an incredible voice and a talent for piano and guitar that just blew me away last time. When there's entertainment like this going on a Friday night, who needs the Holly Bush, well, maybe afterwards for a swift one ;-)

Tribute Island [SLURL]

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