Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pimp My iPhone

This, is most pretty.

Colorware, the folks who do the smooth custom PS3 kit, ThinkPads, Guitar Hero axes, PSPs, BlackBerrys etc., are offering its 'mail-in' custom coloring services for the iPhone 3G. Geek chique extreme, if you can bare to be without 'The Precious' for a couple of weeks while she's in for the revamp.

Normal or metallic paint in 35 color options, scratch resistant, high-gloss finish, yada, yada. Getting just the back done will rush you a reasonable £75, the frame a mere £10, the home button a further £10, SIM tray £5, and your earbuds another £5.

If you like your indulgences just that bit more indulgent, you could do much worse. Alas, no way I'm being without for 2 weeks and I wish I'd know pre-upgrade while I could have still run the old one and my new one was at Colorware. I'm pretty sure getting this done would double resale value.

Guess I'll just have to make do with a well swish case.

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