Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks for the Notice

So, I get home to my emails this evening to find Twitter has, basicly, stopped.

Due to the high cost of SMS, Twitter SMS updates will only be available in the US, Canada and India. So that's 3 growing promotional campaigns (obituaries, UK green news and UK journalism news) and my international personal communications royally shafted up the Gary Glitter. I see why they are doing this, fair do's, but some notice would have been nice.

So, that's it then. Second class UK again, it's just like my ongoing gripes with the iTunes store and Star Wars merchandise (don't get me started). If I'm not sat at my desk or in a WiFi/3G area then I can go take a leap. For me, and probably 90% of users, getting news and updates via SMS is the main frackin' feature of the application. Suddenly, gone. I mean, gee, it's Twitter, could they not have sent us a txt? Maybe they could have dashed off an RSS feed that was just folks we follow by SMS and let us cobble something useful together for our own platforms? No.

Ah well, off to join the "UK mobile operators: cut Twitter a decent deal on SMS charges" group in Facebook and moan about it to the SL Brits tonight.

Looks like it's time to start playin' around with Jaiku again...

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