Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Classic Who Figs News

As my humble collection of classic tat grows ever larger, here's a few titbits on what might be next. Wave 2 are, I think by now, confirmed. Wave 3 is pure educated geek-froth and a few spied on 1st stage proofs.

Doctor Who Classic Series Wave 2 Figures

Doctor Who Classic Series Wave 3 Figures (rumour only)

Much of the last lot may be wishful thinking (especially Bessie and WhoMobile). I can't see why Sutekh would be a 'Build A Figure' for starters, unless it's massive, as a collector surely Bessie would be best served in this roll? A couple of classic assistants (Leela, a younger Sarah Jane, The Brig) would be nice too. I've frothed on this previously, no point repeating myself.

Ah well, it's all just rumour anyway. Gives us something to drool over 'till we see some pictures.

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