Thursday, September 04, 2008

Clown Torture Delayed

I was on the Playstation Store like white on rice this morning, but alas us PAINsters going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Amusement Park expansion, originally due this morning, is being "delayed to some time later this month".

This comes from Idol Minds (the makes of Pain, Neopets, and lots of shit you've never heard of) responding to user feedback and changing Trophy requirements after the original trophy list was whinged at by all for being "too hard". Pussys, I hear you cry? Isn't that the point? No PAIN, no gain? Hmmm?

According to Jarvis and crew on the PAIN blog: "They [the trophy leveling structure] began to resemble the tedious level grinds in MMOs and not the spoils for being good...", " we thought rather than making people play PAIN for the trophies, it might be a better idea to let people play PAIN because it's REALLY FUN and let the earned trophies come from that experience."

Okay, to be fair, they got it right. This is a good move, if mildly irritating with Phil's coming over tonight for an 'Amusement Park' session. PAIN's a top 'dip in' game but I don't want to spend my life doing the same thing over and over again 'till it gives me peanuts and opens an AV with a different tie on. Lets hope the delay isn't too long then I can crack-on with maiming clowns ASAP.

Sacré-Blur, back to frog tossing and free-styling Nigel into a builders bum-crack for the night.

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