Friday, September 12, 2008

Live Tribute Island Gig Sunday

On September 14, 2008 at 12PM SLT (8PM GMT), Mankind Tracer, Second Life's Premiere Rock Performer and winner of the Best of SL Best Live Performer 2008 Award, is planning the largest ever FREE Second Life concert event. The "Peace, Love and Belief Concert" to promote love and understanding and encourage collaboration between sims across the grid. He will be streaming his show LIVE to an incredible 30 SIMS all around SL. Including our very own Tribute Island and Kensington W8 (where the DMGT offices are).

Mankind Tracer and his identical alt, Mankind Republic, will be on two venue stages simultaneously and then both will jump to the next two and so on. There will be roughly 15 sim jumps playing a few songs at each venue. We'll be playing all 4hrs of music, live at Kensington and Tribute Island [SLURL] and you can just bet he'll be revisiting his legendary Pink Floyd tribute he did at Tribute Island [SLURL] for the folks at the DMGT offices a few weeks ago.

We'll have loads of freebies up for grabs on the day. Come along for the 4hr gig, give it a listen, support the cause, and see the guy play live :-)

Other venues include The Wild Coast, Kosmik Ballroom, Virtual Holland, Temple of Mankind, Best of SL, Incantations, First Meta, The Vibe, Mankind's Sweet Spot, The Max, Kelly Services, Rumble in Brighton, Groningen Centrum, Simply Paradise, Tropical Orchid, The Blue Moon, The Lover's Nest, Monogram Virtua, SLEvolution, eHQ on ACTIV8, Jamville, Dreams and many more!

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