Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Once again, the curse of the Watchman movies rears it's ugly head to strike at the last minute. I heard about this last week and hoped it was just hype, alas apparently not.

For the full sad story see the BBC article from a couple of week ago, or Geeks of Doom for a new look at the issue.

In short, Fox bought the rights to the Watchman Comic in the 1980s and is launching an injunction against Warners cos of the new Watchman movie.
Now, I want this movie to happen more than I want air and I've been pissing myself with excitement ever since Terry Gilliam was sniffing round a script long ago. This project, over the years, has been passed around like poppers at a New Year party. Lawrence Gordon, Darren Aronofsky, even Paul Greengrass was rumored.

Sick as a parrot, and it's easy to say "Frackin' Fox, they sat on it for decades then get precious when a trailer shows up after they've done SFA" but that just might not be true.

Not that Fox aren't whorehoppers of legend, naturally, but it's all about the quagmire that is 'Turnaround' (see, that MA in film and video production finally comes in useful for something).

Mooching about, tracing it back along the line of 'ownership', it seems to me that the production team of
Lawrence Gordon just didn’t dot their I’s and cross his T’s and on the Fox side of things when he gave the go ahead on the new movie. It looks to me like our Lawrence (the unmitigated cock jockey) has incorrectly (or incompletely) assigned rights to Warner Bros in regards to his agreement with Fox. Not being funny, but you'd think with all the licensed stuff he's made they'd have it down-pat by now. It's the only way I can see this having occurred. More complicated than writing the Chinese instruction manual for a hadron accelerator, trust me. Fox are also claiming they tried to contact him/them etc. early on, and have proof, but got no reply.

Bad Mr. Gordon, bad. Fanboys will want to hurt you and your (no doubt terrified) minions. I want my
Apollonia Vanova as a be-bobbed Silhouette, and I want her now.

What a nightmare. Hollywood lawyers must be rubbing their hands in glee. As ever, Mr. Moore knows the score, and your wisely best off out of this one Alan.

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