Monday, October 06, 2008

Classic Figures 2 "Confirmed"

I see rumors on are stating the follow for the next classic fig. release

  • Dalek Collectors Set #2 - Imperial Dalek, Renegade Supreme Dalek & +1 Dalek still to be confirmed.

  • Third Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver (1970–1974).
  • Seventh Doctor with 3 variants of umbrella (1989).
  • Eighth Doctor with interchangeable heads (1996).
  • Mummy with canopic jar (1975).
  • Ice Warrior with gun (1967).
  • Morbius Monster with Dr. Mehendri Solon (1976).
  • V9 Robot and Stickers still to be confirmed (1977).
All great additions (except for lamo mold-copy V9). Nice to get a few more Dr's. Will beieve it all when I see some pictures.

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