Sunday, October 12, 2008

Steamthulu Beginning

My good mate 'The Lightfoot' (the shirty Shide) has taken her Second Life clothes business a step further by using ideas inspired by her virtual life and bringing them out into the real world. In this case, Steampunk with a twist.

Check out this T-Shirt, the first of many we hope. T is a crackin' designer, in both worlds, and her artwork sits proudly on the walls in both our RL and SL homes. She has a way of making iconography speak for itself, buy adding fresh context, pattern and grouping, to say more than it does as just the original 'symbol'. Anyway, I'll have one of these for starters, white on gray for me I think.

Nice one Lightfoot, if this is the first can't wait to check out the rest. Hope they sell a ton :-)

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