Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tennents Off

When the news came through the "Cardiff Rift Parking" group just now, fanboys openly wept.

Get a grip.

David Tennent has finally stopped faffing about and come clean about leaving Who at the end of the next run. Bless him, he was hanging in there for the Who movie as a foot in the door to Hollywood, but no dice so he's passing on the TARDIS keys to someone else.

Was he a good Dr.? Yeah, not bad I suppose. Not brilliant (and worshiped more for the youthful cut-of-his-jib sometimes than owt else) but he did a dedicated job of grabbing a notoriously tricksy old role by the scruff of it's 12' scarf and, while incorporated and acknowledging aspects of his predecessors, certainly made it his own. Personally, I prefared Eccleston. Truth be known I'm still bitter Paul McGann never got a decent crack at the job and (it always has to be said) ya can't touch Pertwee or Baker #1.

Anyway, now the whole nation gets to play 'Guess the 11th Doc' for 10-12 months. James Nesbitt most oft rolled out as primo contender, but the bookies seem to favor Paterson Joseph, offering odds of 3-1 on him becoming the first black doctor (which would be ace if done for legitimate and not political reasons, and if they upped the Doc 'public school posh' to the max for it). John (Life on Mars/Master) Simm and David Morrisey are getting odds of 8-1 and 5-1 respectively. Lets' not forget Rhys Ifans though, a local lad, who's not showing on the tote.

Anywho, at least we'll get some epic shit next season now for sure. Frankly, and this is from a self self confessed Who geek of old, he wasn't my Doctor and I don't really care that much. Inexplicably, the world will continue to turn.

To be honest, where I
am excited is for Steven Moffat, coming into all this fresh, a new beginning, and I've every faith he's going to take the franchise in directions we never thought possible while keeping true to the mythos and canonical line us fanboys (and girls) love so dearly. It is, after all, Steven Moffat who will get to pick the new Who, his new costume, his new assistants, his new everything.

So, fantasy Doctors? If age and money were no object? Okay, well, I'd like Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry or Bill Baily please, maybe (being more realistic) even Alexander Armstrong. Yeah, it'll never happen I know, it'll be a young pretty boy for branding, and Paterson Joseph would be fine if ya dress him right ;-)


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Brian Blessed was always being touted as a Who candidate and I would have loved me some nice shouty Doctoring.

Bill Nighy would be great I think.

I remember Paterson Joseph from Neverwhere. I know he's been in Who already but that might not stop a reappearance.

It will be interesting to see what sort of Doctor they come up with for the new series. We've had the rather manic few of late but I think a codgery old bugger wouldn't work with the kids these days :-)

Cyberleader said...

I've got one for ya Nik.

Richard Armitage put a few dollars on this bloke !!! come back to this post when its announced, bet i'm right.