Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Well, it's Saturday morning, so...

Got together for a geek tweet-up to see Watchmen at the midnight showing last night, and WOW. Okay, it's really, really, really, good. Alas, to these fanboy eyes, it's just shy of making the grade to excellent for reasons of cannonicity.

I'm trying to give nothing away here, no spoilers, but I think it's the best it could be and I see why the changes that were made were made to give it a narrative suitable for the cinema audience. After all, in the words of Alan Moore (who, naturally, "knows the score") The Watchmen [as presented in comic format] is "unfilmable". Snyder has done as good a job as anyone could have done. I know, that’s something of a loaded compliment. But as compliments go, it’s a huge one, trust me. Through sheer will and fanboy love Snyder has succeeded where others failed, and has brought Watchmen to the screen faithfully and smartly, if not completely.

Seriously though, it's worth the price of admission for the opening credits alone, and the characterisation totally blew me away. A few acting lessons needed, but some gob-smacking performances to make up for it.

Watchmen proves once more that the action movie is where the best young Hollywood talent has gone to bring flesh to their fantasies. I'll be there front and centre for the Directors cut Blu-Ray, with added 'Tales of the Black Freighter' animated :-)

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