Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been Busy

Maybe I should just shoot this blog and put it out of it's misery?

Where have I been? Short answer, busy.

Suddenly, I was self employed again with all that that entails. It's been a long time and, at first, I didn't like it very much. Day time television is appalling and it's hard to go from a dynamic creative envoironment (even one within an old institution like Northcliffe) with good friends of some 6 years standing, to suddenly having to make all the running. Gotta be honest, it took me a while to get my head around it. I'm easing into it now.

So, what's been happening? Well, I've found a good company (actually, an 'excellent' company) to work with on a regular basis, and I've got a fine crop of social media projects to keep me interested. I'm working with a firm in the US called Conversify, AKA Aliza Sherman and Monique Etwell, social media and business marketing specialists and their awesome team of hard working researchers, writers, and community specialists. They're a joy to work with. They really know their stuff, which, in a world where every cybersquatter and his dog is trying to hop on the seemingly easy-ride of the social media bandwaggon, is refreshingly and amazingly rewarding. I've been working as project manager and strategist on campaigns as diverse as financial products, film festivals, college education (yada, yada) and across the full gamut of social media channels. I'm rather enjoying it and we're all hoping it turns into a permanent position :-)

I've been doing a few lecturing gigs for students, journalists, and PR companies. Including a chunk for my good friends at BCS in Notingham (who used to work with us on Lasting Tribute ) and who thoroughly understand the value of leveraging social marketing. If anyone's curious about arranging a presentation for a group, drop me an email and we'll talk. It's likely, if it's social media, I already something prepared that's suitable.

Aliza 'Cybergrrl' Sherman (of Conversify) and I have started a new podcast, 'Yank and Limey', under which we talk about social media & trans-Atlantic web habits. You can find it here at Podbean, and on iTunes. The first one's a bit of a ramble, but the second one improves and we've committed to a weekly slot and we've got bags of material to keep it going.

I've got back into using virtual worlds for pleasure instead of business (it might be time for another change of blog title, actually). I'm a sim owner now, renting out skybox space to fellow Dr Who geeks. It's not-for-profit, just covering the bills, but it means we have cheap prims and build space at our disposal.

I've been going to the gym as usual. Putting on weight through inactivity I guess. Getting some decent walks in, including 34 miles in 12hrs on The Sandstone Trail. Hoping to do some more while the weather's good. Looking forward to getting out on the hills so much it's promoted me to finally take some driving lessons and maybe sort out some transport of my own.

Anyway, that's me of late. Busy, but happy.

If you want to keep up on the usual crop of links and stuff, grab me on Twitter at @lactose or follow us on 'Yank & Limey'.

Doesn't blogging seem 'SO' 2004 :-)

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Blogging is for people who have the patience to wait until they get home before they tell people what they had for breakfast :-)