Friday, September 23, 2011

Timeline is Now

F8 (the Facebook developers conf.) was cool last night. We had a bit of a Skype geek-fest while we watched it live and squeed unmanfully over all the new features.

One big deal is Timeline, which has gone into beta today and it's already enabled for mobile. This is a chronological layout for stuff. In the words of the Zuck: "It's how you can tell the whole story of your life on a single page."

OpenGraph (imagine a kind of a map of all a user's connections, the big one for data gathering) and Ticker (a way to express 'lightweight' actions) will be rolled out a lot more slowly, giving devs time to build some apps for Timeline. Apps will be big. REALLY big. Media content discovery stuff like music, movies, TV, and news will (allegedly) be available right away.

So, I enabled OpenGraph in one of my Facebook applications to have a look, and I've apparently got Timeline on my profile today.

No time for a review or anything, work to do, but (despite me not wanting to like it) I gotta say (after a couple of hours wasting time playing with it) it's pretty damn sweet.

If you want to enable Timeline today, here's a quick how-to. That Cover Image at the top is around 850x315, and I'm sure you'll agree has some serious potential for adding some cool individual graphical style to your FB profile.

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