Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy Idea

I'm turning into a fat bugger. Since I worked at the Daily Mail I've put on 3 stone (in 3 years). I've got hardly any walking in this year - not even the usual Tryfan or pottering around The Peaks. Let's face it, my day rarely requires trousers and I only leave the house when I've run out of bacon. Something must be done.

My good friend Shelli Martineau, of Epic Weight Loss Journey fame, pointed me in the direction of Nerd Fitness. That, combined with spotting Trek Desk (nice, all be it REALLY overpriced) and spending 8 weeks in the US so far this year, gave me an idea so crazy it's worth of Lib/Con policy.

While working at my desk next year, I shall walk across America.

View Walking Across the United States in a larger map

Step 1 will be to construct my own Trek Desk (of sorts) in my tiny office at home (and on a budget of under £100, all in). I'll begin with a standing desk, to see how I get on, then invest in a 2nd hand running machine to go underneath it. If all goes to plan - and the standing part doesn't cripple my back and knees on it's own - I'll map the miles from this onto Google Earth (will figure out the logistics later) as I plod my way from New York to San Fran (some 2,975 miles) via Canada, Wyoming, Nevada etc..

First job, a bit of DIY.

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Shelli Martineau said...

This is an amazing idea, Nik and I can't wait to cheer you on and see your progress. I'm down for meeting you halfway (although my walk might be slower). Maybe we can figure out the Google Earth thing together...