Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Breakfast of Champions

There are few pleasures in life greater than a cooked American/English breakfast.

I know it’s wrong. I know the cholesterol will slay me good and proper. I know it’s gonna block my arteries and result in immediate colonic and gastric discomfort. I know it’ll make me fat. I don’t care. A good breakfast has rewards above and beyond the benefits of nutrition.

Life without a good cooked breakfast, the classic bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes with syrup, glass of fresh OJ and a pot of Joe, the possibility of blood pudding and fried bread, at least 3 rounds of thick white toast and the whole shebang, isn’t worth bupkiss. I love those Mondays off, just so I can enjoy a good café breakfast with a copy of the media Guardian and take the time to ease into the day.

If you're local, may I recommend the best damn breakfasts in Nottingham (and trust me, I’ve made something of a personal study)...

  1. Walsall Diner’ up Derby Road near the cop shop. It’s a Yankee diner during the day and a Polish vodka bar in the evenings. Seriously pucker. Make the effort. Numero uno.
  2. The classic greasy spoon, ‘Bunters’ on Upper Parliament Street, if you can't be fagged with the walk up the hill to the Walsall they do the basics pretty damn well.
  3. Best veggie breakfast (for when the wifes with me, or the colon just plain won't take it) goes to the Alley Cafe (down the ginnel near Gregs, across the road from Game Station).

Breakfast heaven.

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