Sunday, June 05, 2005

Online Who

For those of us watching the new Dr Who series on BBC 1 there's a few companion bits and piece online. You should take a look at a few of these websites, if you've not clocked em' already (cheers Daz).

There's shed-loads of spoliers, so don't peak if you haven't been watching or you live in the US:
  • Who is Dr Who - a kinda 'Who conspiracy theory' website.
  • UNIT website - the password is "bad wolf" (at the moment). It was changed from "Bison" earlier in the series. Excellent 'literature' page for new recruits.
  • GeoComTex - take a look at the products page. They seem to make "Argentum Ordnance" (or silver plated bullets). Popular for offing werewolves.
  • The Bad Wolf website. Hmmm, why is this phrase turning up in every other episode? - check out the hidden messages on the disclaimer page.
Nice touch Auntie Beeb. Ya gotta love thier online policy.

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