Friday, December 09, 2005

"They're coming to get you, Barbra"

Check out UrbanDead, an excellent post apocalypse MUD I found, by Keven Davies. This is now a quick daily multi-player zombie jam at work. I do like my shambling corpses, just ask the wife, she'll tell you. Mung is sweet.

AndyR got eaten outside the library (they were like drunks on a kebab). Choppa had to jump out of a window after missing one with a fire axe and doing sod all to it. I healed up a Merc in an abandoned hotel and found a 'DNA Extractor'. NicH found a book (having got 'a bit lost' in 'somewhere about as exciting as Stoke') and wandered round in circles getting nibbled at. I now sleep the sleep of the just.

Also, in related undead news, BMA toys (who are, admitedly, a bit pants) have acquired the rights to
Vince Lockes seriously excellent Deadworld comics. They haven't announced the range yet, but (allegedly) work has already begun on a King Zombie figure.

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