Friday, February 17, 2006

Digg It Yet?

Digg, is a really nice approach to online journalism.

With Digg, members find stories of interest - so far, mostly about tech/IT - they recommend the articles to others at the site or members go "digging" for news. The members get credit for being the first to find stories, which means that you have 150,000 editors fighting to find the good stuff fast, and that makes Digg a great source for timely tech info.

Once the articles appear on Digg, if the articles pass muster, members vote them onto the front page - they "digg" the stories, get it? And so the community creates the front page. We're the editors. They'd love this at work, I can smell the journalistic fear as I write.

Imagine if a you add meta-dat relations similar to, with all multi departmental content edited by the reader and the online community.

Now that's a tasty burger...

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