Friday, February 10, 2006

Legislative and Regulatory Refrom Bill

We currently have before Parliament, a new bill - the Legislative and Regulatory Refrom Bill - which will allow Ministers to 'amend, repeal or replace legislation in any way that an Act of Parliament may do' by Ministerial Order - without the time and trouble of taking a bill through Parliament.

Er. Okay. So, Ministers will be able to create new minor criminal offences with sentences of up to two years more or less at will than? This Bill allows for any Act of Parliament or Statutory Instrument or Regulation or the Common Law to be repealed, amended or replaced. It's only cos I work for Northcliffe that this has even come to my attention. There's nowt in the media or anything.

His smells like a Thatcher trick or something. We live in Britain don't we?

Would the last one out of the country please turn off the lights.

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