Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clicks Count - Testing Paid To Surf?

Scepticism aside, it's fair to say up-front that over the last 11 (or so) years Microsoft UK has donated over £5million in cash, software and consultancy to the NSPCC, plus helped raise a further £11million through sponsoring schools fundraising materials.

Anounced yesterday (and I believe as part of MSNs test-bed to go Paid-to-Surf, which I mentioned a while ago) they are now running with the NSPCC. Nice. Lets drive em away from the worlds No. 1 search engine using the sympathetic approach. Think of the kiddies and click on us. Cunning. But will it be a Google beater?

Damn fools. Don't they know we're British, and only give to animal charities...

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Unknown said...

For a moment I had forgotten about the animals!