Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flat Pack Desperation

I’m feeling a lot better today.

I still have all the symptoms, but they're masked with dangerous and carsonogenic amounts of hardcore decongestants. No operating heavy machinery for me. No sir.

In desperation at our want of storage (there truly is stuff everywhere) and lack of furniture, we have succumbed to the evil lure of Ikea. We went, we ordered, they delivered. Getting that much MDF and chipboard in a Smart Car was a non-starter. Cheap fixtures and fittings for the land-bound masses.

We attacked it all this evening, like adult Lego, and sorted ourselves a coffee table, a couple of bookshelves, an office chair and a big storage unit thingy with fairly little fuss and all by midnight. It was quite fun actually, and only a couple of minor arguments. Even the cat ‘helped’.

It was the ‘putting things on the selves’ part of this that was amazing. Books, old scripts, BETA copies of some of my old movies, Kenner action figures, boxes of archaic ST and 486 PC peripherals, all kinds of stuff has come out of hibernation for the first time since we moved to Andromeda. It was like some kind of nostalgic memory lane thing. I even found photographs going back to my BTech in 1989.

I look forward to investigating this lot further. Hopefully I'll find my youth and the 30million+ brain cells I've lost in the last 20 years...

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